[Vimprobable-users] Open in external editor?

Matto Fransen matto at matto.nl
Sun Aug 8 13:18:28 GMT 2010

Hi Eivind,

On Sun, Aug 08, 2010 at 04:54:24AM +0200, Eivind Michael Skretting wrote:
> Well, subject says it all. In vimperator you can press Ctrl-i in insert
> mode to open the text field in an external editor (so we can use vim
> when we need actual text editing). Are there plans of implementing this?

Well, if webkit support this, then it must be doable. 

> I find it very useful when editing wiki entries, mails, etc. 

It sounds like a great feature indeed. So if Hannes agrees, we put 
this on the wishlist :)

> Using vimprobable fulltime, by the way.



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