[Vimprobable-users] Whitelisting for cookies and javascript

Ryan Mullen rm at deconfused.org
Wed Aug 18 21:15:14 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to figure out what browser I want to use (between
surf and vimprobable2) as a Firefox replacement. The Firefox
extensions which I used heavily were Noscript, Cookiesafe, and
Adblock. I've taken care of blocking ads by using a Polipo proxy,
which I am quite happy with. I am now interested in configuring
whitelists for noscript and cookiesafe, as these were the main uses I
had for noscript and cookiesafe.

I was able to patch surf to do some rudimentary cookie whitelisting -
the interface is crappy, but it works fine. I maintain a text file
with the domains of the cookies I wish to accept, and every cookie
that does not match against this list is rejected. I plan on extending
the interface to this, as well as increasing performance by caching
the whitelist in memory (eventually). I'm sure I could add this to
vimprobable2 if desired, since surf is similar (webkit) to

What I couldn't figure out was a really critical feature for me -
javascript whitelisting. I wish to do something similar to my cookie
whitelist and just keep a textfile with allowed domains, with perhaps
a simple regex feature to extend the subdomain matching. Does
vimprobable2 have anything like this, or is anybody working on
something like this?


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