[Vimprobable-users] [PATCH] Fix ftp:// and ftp. support.

Robin Kreis robin.kreis at uni-bremen.de
Mon Nov 1 21:06:10 GMT 2010

On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 21:15:26 +0100
Thomas Adam <thomas at xteddy.org> wrote:

> libwebkit has no direct support for opening FTP sites, but will allow so
> over HTTP.  That's fine, but Vimprobable has to support this by doing the
> following:
> (String prependage.)
> ftp.example.com => http://ftp.example.com
> (String prependage, having removed ftp:// prefix, hence):
> ftp://ftp.example.com => http://ftp.example.com


I don't think translating ftp:// URLs to http:// is a nice thing to
do.  If the user accesses an ftp:// URL, that's what should happen -
the user can enter http:// himself if he wants to access an FTP server
over HTTP (remember that this doesn't have to work).

I suggest redirecting the request to an FTP client (will xdg-open do
it?).  I would rather have my ftp:// URLs opened in, say, nautilus
instead of having a directory listing generated by my browser or the FTP
server - it's just the better way of showing a directory structure.

I alternatively suggest not supporting FTP at all and displaying a
message which lists the options (using http:// or another program).

Have a good time,
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