[Vimprobable-users] Developer Interview?

Michael Treibton mtreibton at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 16 21:37:19 GMT 2010


2010/11/16 Hannes Schüller <hannes at yllr.net>:
> I haven't really talked to the other developers yet, but I'd just like
> to shoot a general 'yes' in your direction. It would be great, of
> course, if there was room for everybody's answers (provided the others
> are willing and interested to do so). I'd say just send your questions
> to me (and, ideally, some general remarks about how much material you
> want, who's the target audience etc.) and we'll work out the rest among
> the developers.

i was thinking of the some of something like this:

* Introduce yourselves -- how long have you been using/developing
Vimprobable, and
   what attracted you to it?

* How did Vimprobable start -- and what was the main motivation behind writing

* There's been something of an explosion regarding minimal web-browser, and
  basing them on editors as inspiration.  Do you think Vi(m) lends itself
  well to this in web-browsing, and why?

* Most people will have heard of Vimperator -- what limitations does this
  have which make it undesirable for people who have or are thinking of
  swithing to Vimprobable.  Is this a worthy consideration?

* Does webkit -- the rendering engine used as a basis for Vimprobable --
  make it easier or harder to write modal web browsers?  Are there any
  disadvantages to using Gecko, from Firefox?

* What major features or roadmap does Vimprobable have ahead?  Are there any
  limitations in any of the libraries Vimprobable might use which will make
  these tasks easier or harder?

* At the moment there seems to be two Vimprobable versions.  What process
  model is used to decide if a feature or bug-fix affects both.  Does this
  project need both versions, and as a user, which one is best-suited?

* Given the current fad of many similar projects to Vimprobable, what makes
  this one more "attractive" than the other ones, in your opinion?

what do you think?  with room for other questions if you like. :)


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