[Vimprobable-users] Moving - future list subscription

Hannes Schüller hannes at yllr.net
Tue Aug 9 03:31:18 EST 2011

Hi everybody,

in case you've been wondering why there has been little response on the
list lately, the reason is that unfortunately, we are losing our
previous hosting used for the website, the code repository and this
list. So I've put all other activities on hold and started moving
everything to Sourceforge. Most things are already available at
http://vimprobable.sf.net , I will update the domain name's DNS entries
once the last kinks have been worked out (e.g. there is still a
problem with the Git repository).

The really bad news, and *this will affect all of you personally*, is
that since sending me the notice two weeks ago, the old host has been
unresponsive. I've asked him for a dump of the list subscribers in
order to move them to the new list, but got nothing so far. While I
have not given up hope yet, please be prepared for the possibility that
you might need to resubscribe manually yourself. I'm very sorry for
that, but there is currently nothing I can do. I had hoped to write
this mail with better news, but now that the deactivation of this
server moves closer, I don't dare wait any longer. All the required info
for resubscription can be found on the new project site.

On a more positive note, this change comes along with some overdue
renovations of the project infrastructure: We now have a wiki instead
of that old website which I threw together in five minutes just for the
sake of having a website - feel free to add information, documentation,
configuration tricks or whatever you can think of. Also, there is a
decent issue tracker which you can use to report bugs etc.

Again, development work will resume after everything is set up on the
new site. The big 1.0 release is imminent, so stay tuned!


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